Chemical or No Chemical? That is the question! How do you wear your hair, natural or chemically altered and what does it mean to you? Are you wearing your natural tresses following that of what you see as all the new rage in society or does the meaning go deeper?  Are your beautiful locks a way of life leading back to your ancestry or a way of saying you are proud of you heritage and you celebrate it everyday by sporting your beautiful natural mane? A lot of society driven people are so quick to jump on the band wagon of any new fad or trend and as it falls off so do they, then off to follow the latest new trend society has set next!   People have a tendency to act first and ask questions later leaving them not fully aware of what they are following or even why. It “Looked Good” on t.v. or on the person walking down the street etc.! Have you took the time to learn the history behind natural hair or your own beautiful tresses besides the fact that it is hair not chemically altered. For many it is not a fad it is  a way of life showing there strength, love and respect for there culture, land and where they come from. To a lot of people natural hair scares them following back to the days when being “Nappy Headed” was shunned upon and considered you an outcast because one didn’t  “Fit In” to societies level of beauty! A lot of us have grown to accept and follow everything society tells us is beautiful instead of looking in the mirror and at our heritage and ancestry! Before going natural do your research and understand within yourself why you are choosing to do so, be it the latest “Fad” in your eyes or not. Know what your hair means to you, natural or otherwise!  To each his/her own in how you choose to wear your tresses. We all come from a place of beauty in it’s own right that is strong, natural, raw and magnificent! Much Love To All!!! ❤