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Bad Luck, Sick, Bad Finances, Sad, Depressed, Failed Relationships, Etc. The list could go on forever! By the Laws of Attraction definition you are bringing it all upon yourself!

The Law of Attraction argues that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside the head, not just through motivation, but by other means………In short if you think it consciously or subconsciously so shall it be!

Let’s first start by saying there is no such thing as bad luck. There is only bad choices and decisions that we make and bad ways that we handle those choices and decisions! You have total control of your life. Think of it this way, everything is MIND OVER MATTER! If you think it, so shall it be!

You attract into your life whatever you focus on and you get back whatever you think about! Energy is a very strong force in Laws of Attraction! Similar energy attracts similar energy. The mind and soul acts like a magnet drawing whatever energy you are putting out right back to you……for example:

Have you been in numerous failed relationships and wondered why you always ATTRACT all the crazies in the world? The key word in this is ATTRACT! Did you ever think maybe its the unstable, subconscious thoughts and energy that may be drawing the crazies to you i.e. Going into it with the preconceived notion that it’s not going to work because none of the rest of them did, or again your subconscious may play on the fact that you come with a past and no one will accept you for it! All that energy be it conscious or unconscious affects each and ever person that is brought into your life! The way to go about it is to first channel your positive energy and think of things that make you happy and all of the positive things you want in a relationship. Channel all the positive things you have to offer in a relationship and don’t let your mind dwell on the past or anything negative that may affect bringing that great person with all those terrific qualities that you deserve into your life!

Your thoughts determine the way you live and how each and every day of your life is carried out! Positive thoughts attract Positive events and Negative thoughts attract Negative events.

Have you ever awakened in the morning and stumped your toe on your dresser or maybe your door frame and the excruciating pain is all you can think about? At that precise moment you have 1 of 2 choices to make:

A: Dwell on the pain, cuss and fuss and let it set your negative energy for the day  OR

B: Chalk it up to being half sleep and disoriented or just clumsy and change your focus to something positive i.e. Be blessed in the fact that you even woke up to stump your toe and let that positive thought set your energy level for the day!

Again you have total control over your life, it’s all about how you think consciously and unconsciously!

If you entertain thoughts of hardships, strife and obstacles,then that is what you will get. If you keep thinking and expecting success, success, success then you will achieve success!

In order for your thought to manifest, you have to repeat them often and add feelings, desire and interest therefore setting your self up for positive happenings to take place in your life!

The Laws of Attraction are used by everyone knowingly and unknowingly mostly unknowingly. The bottom line is if you fill your mind with worries, anxieties, stress and unhappiness like a boomerang that is what will come back to you! If you fill you mind with  positive thoughts, love and happiness, you will get it bak in return!!!

Much Love to All and Stay Positive!

❤ Slim ❤

  1. Dylane says:

    Very good thoughts, very well written lady. I see someone has become a student of the laws of attraction huh? 🙂 /// You make valid points too.

  2. shemya says:

    Really needed to read this this morning after the night I had!

  3. Mi'Sia aka Vaughn says:

    True indeed Queen. The laws of attraction are outlined and are still being studied. Although the laws of attraction are becoming popular now, dont allow those laws to limit your studies on the Principles of Universal Law. Peace is the ultimate expression of love. Peace is also the absence of confusion. I myself, im a 5%’er. We teach that the Original man is the True and Living God, and that the Black Woman is the Earth. This means that we have duties as civilized people to continue to teach those stuck in the triple stages of darkness (blind, deaf, dumb). I CEE your growth, and Im proud of you. Keep building and teaching.

    The 7(God)
    Misia Scientific

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